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17 January 2014 @ 11:39 pm
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Age: 30
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Characters Played: Donatello, NPCs

Name: Minako Aino Kid, aka Sailor Venus/Sailor V/Princess Venus
Canon: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (manga)
Canon Point: A few weeks post-Galaxia battle, Act 52/post-IJaG
History: Minako's canon history is here.

On the journey back to Earth after the battle of Galaxia, Minako suddenly found herself powerless and stuffed in an orange jumpsuit. It turned out she was a prisoner of the evil Mads, Doctor Forrester and TV's Frank, along with a few dozen others, on the Satellite of Love. Unbeknownst to Minako (but beknownst to the audience) she and everyone else had been brought in by an invention made by another face in a red jumpsuit named Joel Robinson. Their goal was to keep Mike Nelson, the Mads' newest victim, sane, long enough for Joel to find a way to save everyone from the bad movies once and for all. Unfortunately, in order to do that, the newcomers had to riff bad books.

Naturally, Minako took to her job with aplomb. Her goal was to ensure everyone got off, and to do it without compromising her identity as Sailor Venus. Thankfully, skits were a heavy part of the routine on the Satellite, regardless of the week, and Minako managed to do a skit nearly every week for close to 18 months. Some of her skits (one which led to her own French restaurant, and her invisible vampire munny lecture) were well received, others ...not so much (driving that Chevy into the side of the ship, *coughpregnancytestscough*). She also transformed into a variety of creatures, including a pony (an alicorn, which she had to hide from Discord when he arrived) and a scallop (it makes sense in context), as well as deal with dinosaurs, fairy tales, and Monster Blood on the way. She also would have broken a world record if there'd been an official observer to verify it.

However, she also ran into some major problems. Aside from the fact that some people either knew from the get go who she was or eventually figured it out from her actions (or from meeting her evil Timmified self, who was basically Galaxia-controlled Sailor Venus), it turned out she was stuck with a lot of people who didn't keep secrets quite as well as she did (which wasn't saying much). In particular, the large amount of Kingdom Hearts characters caused her to start investigating everyone for potential threats that could come to her universe as a result of the multiversal shenanigans on display at the SoL, relaying her findings in a diary. Needless to say, people were upset when they found out that the one snooping through their stuff was her, and some questioned why she didn't just come clean about her secret identity to begin with.

And then there was her romantic life. Oh, boy, her romantic life on the SoL. She quite literally crushed on every Kingdom Hearts male (did we mention there were a lot of Kingdom Hearts characters on the Satellite of Love?). Even Vanita. Especially Terra (but can you blame her?). But she didn't end up with any of them, as none of them were interested in her. However, she did end up with someone she didn't want to be with - all because 90s Kid mixed up Romulan ale with Diet Mountain Dew at a Las Vegas convention. Then Joel Robinson married them. He was happy. She was panicking beyond all belief, immediately asking for a divorce. It wasn't just because the Liefield-worshipping greaseball wasn't her type, either. Realizing that she might have led a guy she didn't even like to his eventual doom - as per her curse on the men she loved - she kept her distance, trying to push him away. It didn't help that their divorce couldn't go through because divorcing people living in outer space who didn't have proof that they lived anywhere in the universe beforehand was pretty impossible.

Then he got eaten by dinosaurs. He got better, but Minako didn't forgive herself for what happened, continuing to maintain her distance despite 90s Kid's persistent pursuit of her. Finally, while they were hopping universes near the end and landed in a world which plunged the SoL into a Pleasantville atmosphere, 90s Kid told her that he genuinely loved her, and Minako admitted to him why she kept pushing him away. Despite 90s Kid's declaration, Minako, ultimately, couldn't bring herself to commit to a full relationship to 90s Kid, because of her own fears and her desire to not see 90s Kid hurt by her even worse. Still, she came to care for him in her own way, and when 90s Kid gave her his wedding ring back, in the end, she gave him her red bow - which she'd worn since her very first outing as Sailor V - to remember her by. Soon after, Joel Robinson fixed the Twin-Screw Universal Controller - the invention which brought everyone on the Satellite to begin with - and after one final mega riff where all of the survivors ripped two chapters of Atlanta Nights, everyone was sent home.

After that, Minako was back in outer space - again - traveling from the battle from Galaxia to Earth, as no time had passed for everyone else. Though her story seemed rather insane, her friends believed her, as she did have evidence of her adventure, including her jumpsuit with her Orange Iguanas shirt, her diary with the information about potential enemies, and the wedding rings. After recovering from...well, everything, Minako went back to school and to a normal life (or, as normal a life as a sailor soldier could have in between battles). Several weeks after, Minako suddenly found herself elsewhere again...this time, as a pony. Again.

Personality: Minako is - at first glance - a ditz and an idiot. To eleven. A boy-crazy, manga-loving, idol-chasing, sports-playing, ditz. She certainly isn't the most book smart of people, barely even passing into high school, much less passing junior high. So at first glance. Minako doesn't seem like a very competent person. Energetic, yes. But competent? She doesn't look it or act it, at least at first.

The truth is more complicated. Her public persona is part of who she is, but not all of who she is. When push comes to shove, Minako is actually quite competent - just not at everything. She's got her likes, she's got her dislikes, just like anyone else. If a subject doesn't interest her, she is easily bored and doesn't care. But when a subject does interest her, she gives it her all and then some. And when she does give it her all, there's no denying that she does give it her all, for the sake of success and for the show that she could put on. Because there is no doubt that her dream is to be a performer, an idol, whose actions and talent touch millions of lives.

Her actions in pursuing whatever it is she is chasing in civilian form - be it a guy, a spot in a prodigious school, or a chance for an idol contract - is superhuman and filled with boundless energy, initiative, and ideas. The execution of such, of course, can vary, based on whatever bold idea has taken hold in Minako's head. Sometimes to the point of causing people to question her sanity, and whether it was a good idea getting Minako involved in any given project. The people of the Satellite of Love, in particular, were subjected to insane, riff-related skits weekly, throughout nearly her entire time on the Satellite of Love (which was 18 months straight of her insane ideas, all with varying degrees of success and horror). But her intentions are nothing but good, at least most of the time. She's not above being petty or obstinate about something on occasion (really, being jealous that someone doesn't seem to fart?...), but even during those moments, her better nature will usually win out, and she will usually come out on the right side of things.

And when it comes to being Sailor Venus, or when danger present itself even when she is a civilian? Her ditziness goes out the window. Like switching a light on, Minako becomes almost a completely different person. While at times Minako shines through, and while her when she's ready for battle, she is no-nonsense, serious, and will fight without hesitation. Just like as Minako, she pursues her mission as a sailor soldier with endless energy, no matter the personal price. She gives her time, her power, and even her life, without batting an eye, if it means that the battle can be won, and the world can be safe. Even without her powers, both back on and on the Satellite of Love, she threw herself into battle when the Satellite of Love needed defending, be it from a giant space iceberg, or from Discorded fellow prisoners. She won't willingly kill an innocent, drawing the line at harming bystanders who would have otherwise not been involved in any given conflict. And while she knows that she would rather be Minako and have a normal life, and that her fate precludes her from truly being normal, she knows that without Sailor Venus, and without those powers, there would be no possibility of entertaining even the hope of a peaceful life.

That being said, she does use her innate happy-go-lucky nature and activities (or, as a sailor soldier, her no-nonsense attitude) - or on a bad day, her pettiness - to cover her more morose doubts, feelings and thoughts. Her greatest worry, both as a sailor soldier and a normal teenager, is that she is inadequate as a person. A failure. A terrible example. While she is aware of the fact she has her weaknesses, her worries that her weaknesses outnumber her strengths has been a thought that has pervaded her for a very long time, whether or not she chose to face it (and, until recently, she hadn't fully faced it). The understanding that she was inadequate was instilled into her by her mother, who throughout her life has criticized her for her hobbies and preferences, that she would amount to nothing, that she was just like her dad. Needless to say, she dislikes her mother - and has spent her life proving that her dreams and feelings are worth pursuing. Doubly so since she became a sailor soldier, even if her mother doesn't necessarily know that part.

Connected to her feelings of inadequacy is her dislike of people trying to boss her around. She's a leader in her own right, and of course, she is loyal to her princess and her friends without any shadow of a doubt. But she certainly has a distrust of people who try to tell her she can't do something, or hold her back, or try to enforce themselves or their beliefs on her and her own, from a perceived position of authority. (Ironically, this doesn't stop her from doing the same to others, though she generally wisens up to the fact she's doing it before it gets too far). The police (who also tended to look down on her as "just a public school student", and who made her a public enemy during her days as Sailor V) and even other sailor soldiers (the outer guardians and the Sailor Starlights - though she got over her distrust of them eventually) and enemies (i.e. invaders or would-be conquerors) are among those who she holds in varying degrees of contempt as a result.

Her experience with these types of people, and her related worries of 'not being good enough' (a stereotype of her which, ironically, a first impression tends to lend itself to), as well as the fact she has a heroic identity, causes her to be secretive about her activities at times, and sometimes holding both potential and current friends and allies at bay, even when it comes to mundane (and crazy) ones, until she feels it necessary to reveal them. Unfortunately, this 'holding off' can have consequences, and Minako is aware that being secretive is a bad thing (especially in light of things that happened both against the Dead Moon, as well as being under Galaxia's spell and failing to break free to help Usagi) and that more obervant people will figure her out (which happened on the Satellite of Love, even before her diary was discovered). While her time on the Satellite of Love has taught her not to be so secretive towards allies, she can't, in the end, fully help herself; it is an old habit, after all, and a habit that has served her in not dragging more people into the conflicts she's inevitably a part of. It doesn't help with making or keeping dozens of friends, but sometimes, certain things are more important than others. At least that was how she generally felt, but how does one know who to trust and who not to trust with such important secrets, after all?

Another irony to Minako is her inability to find love, even as the goddess of love. Minako believes herself to be cursed in this area, even though she constantly pursues men, falling in love with good-looking guys. Or she did before her fateful trip to Vegas from the Satellite of Love. Her past and future in love was predicted by a previous lost love, to never find true love of her own, and indeed, nearly every man she's fallen in love with either loved someone else and spurned her, or were killed by her own hand as enemies. And even if she didn't curse and destroy those men who came to her with their feelings, she would choose her duty over them, all the same.

The realization that she would always choose duty in fear of hurting the man she got close to was a lesson she found herself learning over again during her time on the Satellite. Ironically, it was during her marriage to 90s Kid; what was worse was that she didn't even love him anywhere near the way that she'd loved her previous lovers, or the way 90s Kid loved her (and worse, she was his first love). Naturally, she feared that she doomed him when he died on the Satellite, and even if they saved the Satellite of Love they would have to separate, likely never to see each other again. While he got better, she ultimately let him go, realizing that all she was doing to push him away - and really, all she would end up doing - was breaking his heart. As a result of this unfortunate affair, she actually sworn off seriously pursuing men after, out of respect for her own feelings about and towards 90s Kid; even if she didn't love him, she did come to respect him and his love for her. She might still swoon over a good looking guy on occasion, but she's not actively looking for a date for said cute guys, as she did in the past.

Strengths: Venus-related Transformation and Powers:
Minako is the spirit of the planet Venus, and the reincarnation of the goddess-princess Venus. Thus, she has the power of the sailor crystal of the planet Venus as a part of her, and can call on its powers, as Sailor Venus. She can also transform into her original Sailor V form, albeit with the use of her V Pen. All of the following, except for her transformation and disguise power, are at half-power.
Moon Power, Transform! - Her transformation phrase as Sailor V.
Venus Crystal Power, Make-Up! - Her transformation phrase as Sailor Venus.
Crescent Beam - Crescent Compact attack. The Crescent Compact is opened, reflecting burning beams of moonlight on an enemy.
Crescent Beam Boomerang - Crescent Compact attack. The Crescent Compact is thrown like a boomerang at an enemy.
Venus Love-Me Chain/Venus Love and Beauty Shock - Venus calls up her beaded Love Whip, which she can use the whip or bind an enemy. With this attack and Love and Beauty Shock (a stronger version of this power, which transforms the beads in the whip into roses), Venus can control the length of the Love Whip.
Venus Wink-Chain Sword - Minako can transform her Love Whip into a powerful energy sword.
Master of Disguise: By using the Crescent Compact and saying Crescent Moon Power, Transform, Minako can disguise into whatever she wants. Most of the time her disguises can fool even the most perceptive with the magic used to transform. In MLJ, the effectiveness of her disguises using this power will depend on 1. how close to her original form the disguise is, 2. the willpower of the people being fooled 3. Who it is she is trying to fool. For example, if she tried to disguise herself as one of the myriad of ponies, or as a made-up pony, her disguise would be much more effective then, for example, trying to disguise herself as a dragon the size of Megatron or Dante (i.e. she'd just look like a pony in a dragon costume).

Venus-related Items:
V Pen - The pen that allows Minako to transform into Sailor V. The pen also has a magical ability to write any language Minako thinks of down on paper with perfect accuracy. I'm limiting the pen's powers to writing English and Japanese.
Crescent Compact - The mirror inside the compact has magical properties. It has the ability to reflect moonlight, turning it into heated beams deadly to monsters. It can also disguise Minako and can communicate to other sailor soldiers' communicators (obviously nerfed unless other sailor soldiers come into game).

Extrasensory Perception: Minako has a limited ESP ability as a civilian and as a sailor soldier, being able to sense dark energies and even showing an an aptitude in using ofuda effectively against low-level demons.

Swordsmanship: Minako is capable of effectively wielding swords against opponents. She generally favors two-handed/zweihander-type swords, though she's shown proficiency with other swords.

Sportsman/Agile: Minako is very good at a variety of sports, particularly volleyball. As a result, she's pretty quick and agile on her feet, able to do some impressive moves (such as climbing a twenty story+ tall tower) even without her powers supporting her.

Energetic: Minako has seemingly limitless reserves of energy. It takes a lot to wear Minako down, as she is incredibly well-heeled for endurance and spirit, usually still going when a lot of other people have given up on the task at hand or have been injured.

Leadership: When serious problems arise, Minako has no problem taking charge of a situation and leading a group into battle.

Musical/Acting/Pun Talent: Minako has a skill in "idol arts". Basically singing, dancing, acting, modelling, etc. She's honed these talents during her time on the Satellite of Love, and has learned a pretty mean Bella Swan impression. She also learned she's decent at puns.

Skitmaster: Minako showed great skill in creating comedy and skits during her time on the Satellite of Love (though some of her skits had admittedly varying levels of success in helping the mood of her fellow riffers). This brings with it the accompanying ability to lean on the fourth wall and to temporarily gain abilities related to the subject being parodied. For example, if the skit was parodying a horror film a la Frankenstein, she'd gain the ability to bring something (ridiculous and goofy) to life with (equally ridiculous and goofy) pseudoscientific methods. Her skit-based skills only last as long as the skit lasts.

Riffing: With certain exceptions, Minako is a decent riffer, able to rip through some of the worst movies and books ever created through wit, humor, and a few fourth-wall leans.

Restaurant Entrepeneurship: Minako learned how to run a successful restaurant on the Satellite of Love for space travelers, which lasted until the Satellite jumped dimensions. In particular, she learned how to master the art of French cuisine.

Weaknesses: Married/90s Kid: Minako's relationship with 90s Kid is...complicated. She feels very guilty about what happened, and even though she will protect 90s Kid, she's not really sure just how to handle him being in her life again.

Boy Crazy: To a much lesser degree since being freed from the Satellite of Love, but still present. Minako will become momentarily lovestruck at the site of a good looking-guy, regardless of his alignment or relationship status.

Secret Identity/Paranoia: Minako will go to ridiculous lengths to protect her secret identity - and various secrets that she's learned which would require her secret identity to handle - if she has to. While she is mindful that "ridiculous lengths" is a bad thing, she nevertheless retains a grave worry that compromising her secret identity will cause unneeded complications in the long run. Even though hiding her identity caused complications in and of itself among the SoLers.

Some Self-Doubt/Prone to Self-Doubting Anger: Minako has moments where she believes she is not worthy of carrying the mantle of a hero, or that she is not good enough to lead. Even on the Satellite of Love, Minako was plagued with the worry that she wasn't "good enough", that her actions weren't helping, and that she really was a terrible warrior for not ending the SoLers' captivity sooner in some capacity. This resulted, on the SoL, in her becoming frustrated, her temper becoming short and snapping much easier during certain later riffs, as time went by. However, her becoming frustrated and angry also happened once before, so its not a first time thing, unfortunately.

Lack of Book Smarts: Minako is not very book smart. While she is knowledgeable here and there about books, on the whole, Minako is clueless. There is a reason she nearly failed to get into high school, after all.

Ditz/Accident Prone: Minako can, at times, show levels of ditziness that can rival Usagi's. Especially if its in the middle of a stunt instigated by Minako herself.

Pettiness: Minako can be petty and hold grudges, sometimes over stupid reasons. They're generally temporary grudges, but the results don't generally bode well for most.

Ability Weakness: The majority of Minako's abilities as Sailor Venus cannot be accessed unless she transforms.

Turn to Ash: Although Minako isn't easily killed, a sufficient amount of power can separate Minako's sailor crystal from her body. When that happens, she will instantly turn into dust and die unless her sailor crystal is promptly put back in her body.

Easily Bored: Minako is very, very easily bored by things that don't interest her. To the point where she has no problem falling asleep during such.

Peter Gabriel: Minako nearly broke on the SoL, as a result of Peter Gabriel, so this is a particular sore spot when it comes to past riffs. Mentioning his name, or "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway", will result in Minako snapping and ranting about said person and story. Continued harassment regarding the subject may result in Minako threatening to go on a sledgehammer rampage against the world.

Animated Titanic: Same as the above. The movies are potent almost to the point of being fatal to almost anyone with a sane brain...

Possessions: Necklace with two wedding rings yoked onto it; school uniform, with corresponding blue bow in her hair; her SoL diary, her V Pen and her Crescent Compact
Pony/Animal Type: Pegasus!
Cutie Mark: The Venus celestial sign!
Pony Picture:

But with a blue bow!

First Person: Here!
Third Person: Well, it wasn't the first time that Minako had been subjected to this brand of hilarity. And by hilarity, she meant pony. Thankfully, this time she wasn't some super-special snowflake alicorn that was going to catch Discord's attention. She was just a pegasus. And she was totally ok with that.

Especially when it came to catching robbers and other small-time baddies. Who needed an extra appendage when you had speed, beauty, and the powers of a sailor soldier?

"Venus Love-Me Chain!"

The two robbers didn't stand much of a chance. They weren't youma bent on world domination, after all; they barely knew how to coordinate a heist without half the town noticing. Instantly they were tied up, helplessly being tossed around. As they were yanked, their booty fell into the hands of the grateful shop owner they had stolen from.

And then the unfortunate criminals were smashed into a building as Sailor Venus swung her magical rope towards the ground.

"...Oh. Uh. Well then." The mare looked sheepish as she quickly set her load down to check on it. "Still getting used to the whole 'have hooves and superpowers' thing. Sorry, sorry!"

The response was moaning, and the sound of tweeting birds began to lilt through the air from around the captive ponies' heads. Still, they were otherwise all right, and she promptly flew back up into the air and dropped the would-be thieves off in front of the nearest police station minutes later, before flying off in a blast of orange, to an area she could de-transform without worries.

Mission accomplished!
Minako Aino
14 January 2013 @ 06:46 pm